Introducing the InnoChiller, the fastest way of cooling down beverages
without the hazzle of using ice cubes 

Cool down in no time:

  • 3 cans - 9 min.

  • 6 cans - 12 min. 

  • Wine - 11 min. 

  • Ice Cubes - 30 min.

Easy to use:

  1. Insert warm beverages

  2. Put InnoChiller in freezer 

  3. Wait approx. 10 min. 

  4. Enjoy

Choose your favorite color

We ship to Europe and North America

Save a bunch of time - cool down 7x faster!

No matter what you choose to cool down you'll always save a lot of time.

Yes it makes ice cubes.

Make a tray of ice cubes in 30 min. 

Fits all freezers

​L: 25cm, H: 17cm, W: 17cm.  

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