• Speed Up Your Freezer With The InnoChiller™ Beverage Cooler & Ice Maker

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Works by forced convection (Patended)

The InnoChiller works by using forced convection.
By speeding up the air velocity inside the InnoChiller, it increases the heat transfer convection, thus saving a lot of time. 

It is the only product on the market that doesn't require pre-made ice cubes to cool down beverages. This means the InnoChiller is always ready and take also into account that Icecube and water also require cleaning work after use/cool down.

Speed up your freezer or fridge by 8X

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InnoChiller Performance Test

Household Hackers

YouTube Channel "Household Hackers" did a test of the InnoChiller with 6 beers

From 73°F to 46°F in 12 min.
From 23°C to 8°C in 12 min.

Saved time: 45 min.!

*these times are similar our own test results.

Extremely versatile

Basically, the InnoChiller can cool down anything you like to cool down, whether it is beers, wines or ice cubes. 

Cools down up to:

6 cans of beers
Two bottles of wine
One ice cube tray (included)

But only your imagination puts limits to its use - why not use for popsicles, food or meat?

Tip: If you fast freeze your meat it will preserve flavors and quality much better. 

What's included:

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Fits All Freezers

Don't worry about freezing your wine

Perfect Gift

Not sure what to bring for birthdays, Christmas, fathers day etc.?

InnoChiller is the perfect gift - everyone can use one, and nobody has one. 

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Meet the team behind the InnoChiller

Mads and Jesper are both from Denmark and they started InnoChiller back in 2016 with the purpose of bringing cold beverages to the people. 
They are both dedicated engineers and the InnoChiller is designed with great passion with focus on functionality, quality and design. 

"Through extensive research and development we have created a product that works surprisingly well and its potential just waits to be discovered"

"It has been extremely important for us to make sure that the product can compete with all similar products on the market and even beat them when it comes to performance and convenience in daily use"