The InnoChiller

Beer and Wine Cooler For Your Freezer


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3 cans in 9 min.

 Cool down 3  cans from 23C/73F to 8C/46F in only 9 min.

6 cans in 12 min. 

 Cool down 6  cans from 23C/73F to 8C/46F in only 12 min.

Wine in 11 min. 

 Cool down a bottle of wine from 23C/73F to 10C/50F in only 11 min.

Ice cubes in 30 min. 

 Make 20 ice cubes in 30 min 

Cool Down Fast Without Using Ice Cubes!

 The InnoChiller makes it possible to cool down your beverages extremely fast without using pre-made ice cubes 

Use it for...

Cool down your cokes

How to use it

1. Load it

 Put your warm beverages into the InnoChiller - anything goes inside, if you want it cold, it will get cold!

2. Select program

 Select the program according to the beverages you wish to cool down. 

  • 3 cans

  • 6 cans

  • Wine

  • Ice Cubes

3. Put it in the freezer

 Insert the InnoChiller into your freezer. It fits 99% of all freezers but if you prefer to use your fridge it will still work, just run the program twice

4. Enjoy

 After approx. 10 min. you will have nice chilled beverages and in 30 min. you can have ice cubes ready for your drinks

Whats included?

  • InnoChiller in your prefered color

  • Ice cube tray with lid

  • 2M flat cord USB cable

  • 10 W USB-charger 

How good is it?

 The InnoChiller was initially created for people to have an option to cool down beverages in a fast way without using ice cubes. 

It was never meant to be a competitor to the ice/water/salt mixture - everyone knows ice and water is the fastest way of cooling anything down right?

That's why it came as a surprise to us that the InnoChiller in many cases is even faster than ice/water/salt mixture. 

So what's not to like?

  • no need for pre made ice cubes

  • no cleaning when finished

  • can be used in the freezer or fridge

  • Can even make ice cubes!

See how and why it works on "How Does It Work" 

Here you will also find graphs that shows how the InnoChiller compares with other ways of cooling down, including the never ending wet towel myth. 

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